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Young Adults – Support

Organisations and services in Buckinghamshire and beyond offer the opportunity for you to meet your needs.   Developing confidence and  perhaps independent living skills, whilst tapping
into your talents and interests too. The charity Youth Concern are celebrating and enjoying a milestone year during 2015.  Youth Concern run a drop in centre, counselling, a music studio and IT access, too.  Above all , it is a safe place to meet other young people.

Music therapy for all ages is on offer, via The Chiltern Music Therapy, (a not for profit organisation).   If you like horticulture, working and learning outdoors, the recently founded Lindengate charity, located near Wendover, teach gardening skills and so much more!  If you enjoy working with animals in the fresh air. Animal Antiks, located in Stoke Mandeville adopt a therapeutic approach, providing  young people the opportunity to achieve, grow in self-confidence and esteem, achieve greater independence, alongside improving life, social and functional skills.

An autism alert card can be carried by a person who has autism and used in situations where communication may be difficult.
In Buckinghamshire we are encouraging people to use the National Autistic Society Autism alert card.  Please contact the National Autistic Society directly to order and obtain a card and card holder. Contact the NAS Head Office

autism alert card





Adult Social Group run by Autism Bucks:

There are now two adult social groups, one in Aylesbury and one in High Wycombe with dates set during the year. you can find these on our what’s on page.