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The Awareness Programme

Autism Bucks aims to develop a range of varied and accessible awareness and training resources, created and delivered by autistic people and/or parent//carers of autistic people. Programmes will be available in a variety of formats and designed to reach different audiences.

For the first project we worked with our members and volunteers to develop the Autism Bucks Awareness Project; delivering presentations on a range of topics providing new awareness about autism.

This current programme is delivered virtually and available to watch again on our YouTube channel.

Autism Bucks YouTube Channel

The programme format is simple; short sessions on a given topic or theme, presented by experts by experience, each followed by a short Q&A with the presenter.






What is Autism?

Paul Isaacs


Autism as a Fruit Salad

Paul Isaacs


Autism and Sensory Issues

Paul Isaacs


Autism Parents and Parenting Issues

Georgina Watts


Autism and Exposure Anxiety

Paul Isaacs


Awkward Demographic

Kristianne Drake


Mindfulness & Autism

Zaffy Simone


Autism coping with death & loss

Paul Isaacs


Autism and Mental Health

Georgina Watts


Periods & Puberty

Robyn Steward


Neuro developmental Delay and Autism

Paul Isaacs


Asperger’s Covid-19 and My Coping Strategies

Alex Manners


The Double Empathy Problem

Damian Milton


How it Felt Finding Out I was Autistic and Making Sense of it

Dean Beadle


Autism Bucks are grateful to the presenters on this programme and look forward to working with them in the future.

Damian Milton Damian works part-time for the Tizard Centre, University of Kent as a Lecturer in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Damian also teaches on the MA Education (Autism) programme at London South Bank University and has been a consultant for the Transform Autism Education (TAE) project and a number of projects for the Autism Education Trust (AET). Damian’s interest in autism began when his son was diagnosed in 2005 as autistic at the age of two.  Damian was also diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2009 at the age of thirty-six. Damian’s primary focus is on increasing the meaningful participation of autistic people and people with learning disabilities in the research process and chairs the Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC).
Dean Beadle  Dean is a high profile journalist, speaker and writer. Dean has toured for ten years sharing his experiences of life on the autistic spectrum. Through his humorous and insightful speeches he outlines his positive outlook on his diagnosis and his work on raising awareness about autism in the UK and internationally.
Kristianne Drake  At 47 (and female) I received my Autism diagnosis. Three months later I received the full report confirming that all 3 specialists I had seen agreed, without a doubt, that I am Autistic. I’m now trying to make sense of it all. I have met and spoken with many other autistic people in this time – some who are ‘out’ and some who prefer to keep their autism a secret. As I am able to speak openly I am sharing as much as I can as I discover about it on this lifelong journey
Alex MannersAlex is from Solihull, 24yrs old and was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was 10 years old. He presents talk about his life living with Asperger’s all over the UK to companies, banks, universities, councils and schools and in 2019 published his first book called “That’s Not Right! My Life Living with Asperger’s”. He previously presented his own weekly children’s radio show, appeared on two series of “The Undateables” on Channel 4 and has started an “Autism & Football” campaign to improve the match day experience for people with autism. Alex has a definite ‘lust for life’ and believes that you should never let your circumstances hold you back. To Alex, life is an adventure and he is determined to spend it pursuing his passions!
Paul Isaacs  Paul Isaacs – Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author speaks about his experiences of being autistic. Paul was non-verbal in his youth; he didn’t gain functional speech until 7/8 years old. He went through mainstream education and didn’t receive a diagnosis of autism until 2010 at the age of 24.He has been a public speaker, trainer and consultant and author for over 10 years and has been national autism conferences and events around the counties
Geogina Watts  Autistic self-advocate, mentor and speaker; diagnosed as an adult while doing a degree in Autism Studies, now doing an MA also in Autism Studies. My dissertation is looking at the relationship between autism acceptance and quality of life in autistic adults. Mum of two young girls, one of whom is also autistic; Twitter enthusiast; dog lover, cat slave; living in rural Scotland. Interests include autism and mental health, autism advocacy and legislation, autistic parenting and making people laugh, probably in an autism-related way.
Robyn Steward  Robyn Steward was diagnosed as Autistic at age 11. Now in her 30’s she has had 2 books published by Jessica Kingsley publishers (JKP); The Autism friendly guide to periods, and the Independent Woman’s Handbook for super safe living on the Autistic spectrum. Robyn has spoken and delivered training in the UK and internationally, she provides CPD accredited courses. She mostly works with schools, local authorities and adult social care providers. Robyn is a musician performing regularly with a diverse range of projects as well as solo. Additionally, Robyn co hosts a BBC podcast “1800 seconds on autism”, she hosts the autism journal podcast.  
Zaffy SimoneZaffy was diagnosed at 39yrs old, lives with his partner in Nottinghamshire. Zaffy has put a lot of energy into learning how to manage a very sensitive nervous and sensory system. Zaffy uses his art to give visual representation to his experiences as well as openly discussing his personal journey. His aim is to help others, using his art and cartoons to raise awareness, increase understanding and acceptance of autistic people. Zaffy trains staff and parent groups, offers face to face an email consultation and works as a mentor and advocate with autistic people.