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Autism Bucks Adult Social Group Meetings, where you can meet others with Autism or Asperger’s in a safe environment and:

~Just sit and listen.
~Make suggestions as to what you want from the group.
~Engage in activities, if you wish to.


There are now two adult social groups, one in Aylesbury and one in High Wycombe with dates set during the year you can find these on our what’s on page.

You may be more than happy with your own company, or, you may want to engage with others but find barriers are preventing you from doing so. You may want to build upon your social skills, as many social rules and cues are unwritten. Social situations can be stressful and cause understandable anxiety.



Useful Apps!

An app has been designed to help people diagnosed with Autism to self manage their anxieties, this may be very useful for people looking to go to work or socialise. You can take a look and download the app here: https://www.autistica.org.uk/get-involved/molehill-mountain-app


Wunderlist: A useful app particularly for time management and setting tasks. You can set timers which can be repeat for things you do regularly.

Pacifica: Great for managing stress and anxiety. This app lets you track your habits gives ways of helping cope with stress. There is CBT material and things to help with mindfulness. There is also a chat forum.



Organisations and services in Buckinghamshire and beyond offer the opportunity for you to meet your needs.   Developing confidence and  perhaps independent living skills, whilst tapping into your talents and interests too.

Youth Concern run a drop in centre, they have counselling, a music studio and IT access, too.  Above all , it is a safe place to meet other young people.

Music therapy for all ages is on offer, via The Chiltern Music Therapy, (a not for profit organisation).   If you like horticulture, working and learning outdoors, Lindengate charity, located near Wendover, teach gardening skills and so much more!  If you enjoy working with animals in the fresh air. Animal Antiks, located in North Marston, Buckingham, adopt a therapeutic approach, providing  young people the opportunity to achieve, grow in self-confidence and esteem, achieve greater independence, alongside improving life, social and functional skills.

An autism alert card can be carried by a person who has autism and used in situations where communication may be difficult.
In Buckinghamshire we are encouraging people to use the National Autistic Society Autism alert card.  Please contact the National Autistic Society directly to order and obtain a card and card holder. Contact the NAS Head Office



 TalkBack in Buckinghamshire aims to support and develop self advocacy and participation in groups across Bucks. These groups also look to empower people who often have not been listened to. TalkBack hope to raise issues and concerns. Information about The Health Passport for Bucks, (for residents in the county 18 years and over).

Independence Unlimited- enhances personal development and the practical application of independent living skills and the essential life skills with a realistic day to day environment. TalkBack hope to launch a complete rollout of this programme

Contact Chris Taylor                      phone: 01296 434448                                     email:  chris@talkback-uk.com




Nclude provides a range of activities and courses that have been identified by people with learning disabilities. We have Nclude Me, Nclude Women, Nclude Men, Nclude Choices and Nclude Sports. We have Work and Drama courses, two allotments, an internet café and a media group.                                                                                                                                We also run an Nclude coffee shop, lunch clubs, social events, travel training courses and Individual Support. We are continually building new courses and activities in response to identified needs. We also provide a variety of training, co-led by people with a learning disability.

We now have Supported Employment, Independence Unlimited and Equip. Get in touch with us for more information.

We operate a flexible support, self-referral mechanism and are committed to working in partnership with referring teams and other organisations.

Contact Chris Taylor                            Phone: 01296 337278                            email:  nclude@talkback-uk.com




Community Champion

Buckinghamshire Trading Standards has volunteering opportunities to suit all ages from 13 years upwards.

Contact Chris Holden                        Phone:01296 382782                         email: cholden@bucksscc.gov.uk



My World-Living My Life

Offer bespoke packages based on the needs and aspirations of individuals. Offering support with personal development and to manage their lives with greater independence. If the program requires it, facilities can be assessed at their base in Chalgrove and Watlington where there are facilities for daily living skills, relaxation, recreation, socialising, gardening, music and outdoor space. Outreach support is also offered.

For ages 16 years and above. Referrals are made by family, Social Services and or Mental Health teams. Cost is dependant upon the level and type of support the person requires.

Contact 01844 339840                                              email: myworldautismsupport@googlemail.com                    website:  https://www.myworldautismsupport.co.uk/home




Lindengate-Social & Therapeutic Horticulture

Lindengate is a Buckinghamshire based registered charity that offers specialised gardening, art & craft, cooking and construction activities to help those with mental health needs in their continuing recovery.

Group or one to one support and volunteering opportunities available.

Contact 01296 622443                                       email: info@lindengate.org.uk                                   http://www.lindengate.org.uk




Road Farm

Road Farm Countryways CIC is part of Care Farming UK whose aim is to promote, enable and support the development and growth of care farming provisions throughout the United Kingdom.

RFCCIC is working towards the Code of Practice recently introduced and we have accreditation under the CEVAS training programme (Countryside Education and Visits Accreditation Service).

Contact 01494 862413               http://www.roadfarmcountryways.com/




Animal Antiks

Animal Assisted Learning!

Every individual that joins us, had bespoke sessions designed to maximise their potential, increase their confidence and improve their life, independence, social and functional skills. This is achieved by our combine expertise and unique assessment process. Our animals have been selected for their own talents and disabilities, which provide us with endless opportunities for visual aids. The animals also enable our clients to understand the impact of their behaviour on others around them.

Contact us on 01296 670996                                email: office@animalantiks.co.uk                 website: http://www.animalantiks.co.uk




Hub Care Support

The Hub Care Support Ltd specialise in helping people find the best possible care and support provided by high quality accredited Personal Assistants at an affordable price.

Contact 01494 774888                               http://hubcaresupport.co.uk/personal_assistant


http://www.connect2pa.co.uk/                                         email: info@connect2pa.co.uk




Health & Wellbeing

If you are experiencing problems with drugs and/alcohol, One Recovery Bucks could help you deal with these.

One Recovery Bucks provide a range of support for individuals affected by drugs or alcohol who are aged 18 or over and live in Buckinghamshire. The service is free and confidential.

Contact: Phone:0300 7729 672                                           Email: orb@sssft.nhs.uk

If you wish to speak to someone face to face you can drop into one of their service hubs, they have these in Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Chesham. The staff here are trained and sensitive to the individuals needs and are familiar with mental health and other conditions. Alternatively, you can visit their website to find out other locations they will be working from here: http://www.onerecoverybucks.org




Staying Safe Online

The Police and the Government have put together some ways you can keep yourself safe while online. Make sure you are cyber aware! If you visit the website listed you can register for free to make sure you are safe online. http://actionfraudalert.co.uk/cybersurvey





Emotional Support:


  • Youth Concern Aylesbury –https:// www.youthconcern.org.uk
  • Mind (Buckinghamshire) –https:// www.bucksmind.org.uk
  • Healthy Minds Bucks –https:// www.healthymindsbucks.nhs.uk
  • Time to Talk Counselling –https:// www.timetotalk.org.uk


  • Children and Young Peoples’ Mental Health Coalition – https://www.cypmhc.org.uk
  • Young Minds –https:// www.youngminds.org.uk



The National Autistic Society

The NAS has an Autism Service Directory, The UK’s most comprehensive directory of services support for people on the Autism spectrum, their families and people who work with them.


Other helpful information



Dating site for people with learning disabilities

Phone: 01993899980                                        website: http://www.matesndates.org.uk



There are a large number of groups and interests. http://www.meetup.com


Spectrum Singles

Dating and social media website for people on the spectrum. http://www.spectrumsingles.com



Do you identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender? If the answer to this question is yes, then you should check out this amazing new group in Luton.



New CAP Debt Centre

This is based at Kings Church High Wycombe and supports people in debt. CAP have debt support workers, money courses and job clubs around Buckinghamshire, and it is free to the user. You, or the person needing support can contact the High Wycombe office on 0800 3280006 to book an appointment or get more information about the service. it is free to call from landlines and mobile phones.

Learning disability liaison nurses are located at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and are available there to help your hospital experience.  These specialist nurses aim to support inpatient and outpatient admissions and appointments.  Contact: Karen Howsam Tel: 0787 6231051 or, Nichola Edmonds Tel: 0781 8646262


Support agencies:
Access a listing of Buckinghamshire support agencies, here.

Autism alert card:
An autism alert card can be carried by a person who has autism and used in situations where communication may be difficult. In Buckinghamshire we are encouraging people to use the National Autistic Society Autism alert card.  For more details go to the following link. Please Contact The NAS Head Office to order a card and card holder: Click here for NAS Contact Page

Training and publications:
Two adults with autism, residing in Buckinghamshire, aware of their personal profiles and the challenges they have faced throughout their lives, are keen to promote the understanding and appreciation of Autism. Namely, Richard Maguire and Paul Isaacs.  Both Richard and Paul are published authors,  public speakers and trainers with a wealth of knowledge and understanding to impart to their peers, professionals and educationalists.


Personal Independence Payments 

You may be able to get help with some of the extra costs caused by long term ill-health or disability.

How to claim

You can make a new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim by calling the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Someone else can call on your behalf, but you’ll need to be with them when they call. There are also other ways to claim if you find it difficult to use a telephone.





Safe Place Scheme

The Safe Place Scheme was set up to provide safe spaces for people in crisis when out and about. Members have a sticker visible either in the window or at the shop front. Check the link below to access their site for more details





Breaking Free

Online Counselling service for those in need: https://www.breakingfreeonline.com




Do you wish for a little more freedom and independence? You can take driving lessons with a specialist driving instructor. You can get in touch with Mark for further information on this by either calling or emailing on: 07885035794. mark@gearforwarddt.co.uk

Mark has knowledge and specialises in teaching those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, asperger or other autism




Assistive Technology

For all of your assisted technological needs these companies may be able to help you


Direct Payments

Some people may be eligible for help paying for some of the care and services they need. The Direct Payments scheme is there for those who fit the criteria and sets up accounts to help those pay for the care they require and is available a number of ways. You can either have an organisation control these payments for you or a carer, whichever suits. You can check your eligibility by getting in touch with them directly on 01296 383204





If you are looking for somewhere to stay these sites may be able to assist you:



Prevention Matters

Prevention Matters support people over the age of 18 to maintain their independence and confidence.

They can support you in regaining your confidence, independence and getting out and about, if for any of the following reasons you are

  • Struggling to remain independent in your own home
  • Having difficulty getting out and about
  • Feeling lonely and isolated
  • Feeling anxious and lacking in confidence
  • Recovering from an illness

Phone: 01296 484322                                          https://www.connectionsupport.org.uk/pm




Radar Keys

A Radar Key opens over 9000 accessible toilets in the UK. These are toilets with a wide entrance and a disability symbol on the door. Keys can be purchased from a number of outlets, Amazon, Argos and Disability Groups and prices do vary.



If your in need of visual aids, check this link: https://www.visualaidsforlearning.com


Click here to access a social skills guide, that you may find useful.



Click the links below to go to the respective pages.

Support Groups

Support Groups Independent Living

Support Groups Education