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Visiting shopping environments can be a challenging experience for a person with autism.

The Buckinghamshire Safe Place scheme provides reassurance to vulnerable people, and to their families and carers, so that they have a means to alert someone of any potential risk or emergency – if they are out alone. Consequently, having access to a ‘Safe Place’  will help vulnerable people lead independent lives and feel safe in Chiltern and South Bucks.

The programme is co-ordinated by Buckinghamshire County Council’s Community Safety team with support from Thames Valley Police and local voluntary organisations.



Health & Beauty

Heaven & Earth 

Health and Wellbeing therapy https://www.heavenandearthbeauty.co.uk

Finding the right hairdresser can be very trick for those who have sensory sensitivity, which is why very often than not a meltdown ensues whilst trying to do just that.

Some have addressed this by taking extra special care when dealing with those with difficulties. Below is a list of establishments that cater to those with such needs.

Autism Friendly Hairdressers:

Louise at Rhapsody Hair                                    https://www.rhapsodyhairdressing.co.uk

Salon Fourteen     Aylesbury

Danny Doos  in Aylesbury

Geezers in Marlow

Red Gents Aylesbury

SW1 Barbers on Bourbon Street Aylesbury




Coffee Companions

Coffee Companions provide a little help for those who find it difficult to express themselves. They have made little mats that you can have on your table in a café or coffee shop to indicate whether you want to talk or not. They’re brilliant! Click the link below to find out more