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Autismbucks.org has been developed in collaboration with Carers Bucks, Aylesbury Vale National Autistic Society, GRASPS BucksBuckinghamshire County Councilthe NHS Buckinghamshire service users were surveyed to help determine the appearance, functionality and content of the site.  The Autism Bucks design and production team were guided by responses to the survey.

The autistic community in Buckinghamshire is growing, as diagnostic services become more accessible, (via GP referral process).
Please let Autism Bucks know how you think Buckinghamshire can best serve and support the autism community:

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Email: autismbucks18@gmail.com

We would like to know both positive and negative autistic life experiences, as a Buckinghamshire resident.  This will help shape future services and facilities. Thames Valley Police and the Department for Work and Pensions, to name but two organisations, have benefited from Autism training and are aware that autistic people have their own, individual profiles and needs.

Autism awareness is growing daily, let Autism Bucks grow too!

Please do keep in touch with us and let us know your thoughts, comments and recommendations.