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The opportunity to use, get or benefit from something. If you have a disability, you may need changes to be made to enable you to have full access to everything in your community, including services, facilities and information. See also: Inclusion

Access to work
A scheme run by the government that provides practical advice and financial support to help you work if you have a disability. It can pay for things like someone to help you communicate at a job interview, special equipment to help you do the job, or additional travel costs if you are unable to use public transport. How much you receive depends on your circumstances. You can find details of your local access to work centre at: https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work/how-to-claim

Active Listening
A way of listening that enables you to be fully heard, especially if you have dementia or difficulties with communication. Someone who is actively listening to you will be making eye contact, not interrupting, giving you their full attention, not doing other things, and checking with you that they understand what you are saying.

Active Support
Support for people with a learning disability that enables them to take part in all types of activities of daily life, not just 'therapy'. It focuses on activities that are appropriate for the person's age and is based on what they can and want to do.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder.