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Going to the Doctor

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Going to the Doctor


Some things you can do to get good care from your doctor




 1. Tell your doctor what you need and how they can help you



There are lots of things you may need like:

  • easy information about your health

  • more time for your appointment

  • somewhere quiet to wait


seeing the same doctor every time

Tell your doctor what you need.

They should try to help you.


Make sure your doctor puts this information on their computer

Then they will know what you need next time.

If you need to go to hospital make sure the doctor tells the hospital what you need.

2. Tell your doctor if you do not understand what they say


3. You can take some information with you to the doctor  


Or there is one on this website: www.autism.org.uk/living-with-autism/out-and-about/my-hospital-passport.aspx

4. If you are worried about seeing a new doctor

You can ask to visit the doctor’s surgery to see what it is like.

5. Ask your doctor to put something on their computer to say you have autism

This will help people know you have autism so they can give you the right support.


6. If you look after someone else who needs support

Tell your doctor this as well.

They can put something on their computer to say you are a carer.