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Being Autistic can be very daunting for everyone, so being female on top of that can meet with many other challenges. Although we fit under the ASD umbrella, Autism can be very different for girls/women and sometimes much harder to diagnose. We want to help females with Autism to understand and gain support with things that affect us specifically as women. Here you can gain information on organisations and services available to those who need it.

Sometimes it isn’t always obvious that a female is on the Autism spectrum and it can take up to many years to obtain assessment let alone a diagnosis, this is something common in girls with Autism. We are often misdiagnosed and that in itself can be detrimental to ones well-being, but there is support out there and life does not have to be a struggle.

If you are a female who thinks they may be on the Autism spectrum, there a few ways you can obtain a diagnosis. Discussing it with your GP is the first and obvious way but you can also refer yourself to certain diagnostic services although some may require a GP referral.


If your want to find out a little more about how some females deal with their Autism condition you can find some information on the NAS website: www.autism.org.uk/womensday





Free Online Courses

Here is some information on the FREE women and girls’ course which is available online. This course is available until the end of February 2019. If you are interested and wish to apply, you can do so here: https://www.autismbucks.org/professionals/training-consultancy/online/women-and-girls.aspx



ASD Women to celebrate

Congratulations to Cheryl Russell who was the runner up of the Student of the year award with the Writers Bureau. https://www.writersbureau.com/writing/writer-of-the-year-2019