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Advice For Adults

There is a diagnostic pathway devised by health and social care at Bucks County Council and approved by Bucks Care Managers. General Practitioners have received dedicated training in understanding the pre-cursors for diagnosis and how criteria are met. Please click here to access more information about diagnosis

If you decide that an assessment would be helpful then your GP will write a letter to the ASD diagnostic service. They will ask for an assessment to be carried out to say whether or not an ASD diagnosis is appropriate for you. Your GP will have discussed your personal history, development and current situation with you to help decide whether a referral to this service is right for you. They will also have asked you to complete a questionnaire about some of your current strengths and difficulties.

Useful links for further advice & information:

Access the Care Advice Buckinghamshire website, for support, advice and  information.

The Citizens’ Advice Bureau can also be contacted to research your legal enquiries and help you gain clarity about your rights.  They offer free, confidential and impartial advice. Click here to help you plan your visit to a Citizens’ Advice Bureau.


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