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Please be aware that this site is undergoing some changes and there may be some outdated information still showing as well as other errors. These are being checked and work is being done to get this rectified as soon as is possible, please bare with us! Thank You for your patience and understanding, we value all of our visitors.


Autism Tool Box: https://www.bucksfamilyinfo.org/kb5/buckinghamshire/fsd/advice.page?id=L_mxUn9WDWs

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The ‘Autism Bucks’ site has been developed and designed in consultation with a sample from the Buckinghamshire Autistic community. This site aims to inform, guide, enable and empower adults with autism and their families. In addition to the featured information, appropriate links will be made available to other sites, useful to people with autism in Buckinghamshire.  Please do get in touch  with Autism Bucks by, contacting us here.

The innovative ‘Custom Style Changer’ accessed at the top of each landing page allows the site visitor to alter background colours and the size of the character pitch.  A helpful feature for those with dyslexia, visual stress and visual perceptional disorders.

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The Autism Bucks website has been  has been developed in collaboration with, Carers Bucks, Aylesbury Vale National Autistic Society, GRASPS Bucks, Buckinghamshire County Council, the NHS and in particular; with people with autism.  Service user surveys helped us design the appearance, functionality  and content of the site.

Please do keep in touch with us and let us know your thoughts, suggestions and recommendations.


The Autism Partnership Board meets regularly at various civic locations in Buckinghamshire.  The Board and Committee members focus on work projects relevant to autistic services throughout the county, in accordance with the ‘Think Autism’ government strategy.  To find out more,  phone: 01296 383961.


Cheryl Russell is a local lady with autism whose first book has been published.

Cheryl Russell, Lily of the Valley
Cheryl Russell, Lily of the Valley



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Do get in contact with Autism Bucks  if you can recommend services that you have experienced first hand in Buckinghamshire.  We welcome feedback.

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