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Visiting shopping environments can be a challenging experience for a person with autism.

The Buckinghamshire Safe Place scheme provides reassurance to vulnerable people, and to their families and carers, so that they have a means to alert someone of any potential risk or emergency – if they are out alone. Consequently, having access to a ‘Safe Place’  will help vulnerable people lead independent lives and feel safe in Chiltern and South Bucks.

The programme is co-ordinated by Buckinghamshire County Council’s Community Safety team with support from Thames Valley Police and local voluntary organisations.


Autism Friendly Towns and The Autism Access Award (NAS)

The National Autistic Society have launched a autism friendly campaign.  Retail outlets, restaurants, theatres and cinemas and public services will register with this scheme to receive training in how to understand, welcome and engage with people with autism.  To find out more, contact The National Autistic Society.

Autism Access Award

The Autism Access Award is a new standard for buildings and facilities.  It demonstrates that they are autism-friendly, and that there is a commitment to making sure people with autism can access them.  The award is given to facilities that have made adjustments so that people with autism, their families and carers, find it easier to visit and use them.

In Aylesbury, volunteers are working to get as many businesses and services to sign up to complete the award as possible, with the ambition of making Aylesbury the first Autism Friendly Town in the UK. If you would like to find out more or sign up to complete the award, please contact Daniel Cadey, Autism Access Manager, at Autism.Access@nas.org.uk.