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Information For Professionals


The autism community in Buckinghamshire is growing as diagnostic services become more accessible, via GP referrals.   Please let Autism Bucks know how you consider the Buckinghamshire can best serve and support the autism community.  Get in touch via our  Contact Page.

Relevant links for research and building awareness & understanding of the autistic condition:





Report reveals: around that 70 per cent of autistic adults are dissatisfied with the way police treat them.
Source: “The Journal of autism and developmental disorders”

Click on the article below from the online version of ‘Police Professional’ to access in larger format:

(see below under useful links: ‘The National Police Autism Association’).

police professional article



Guidance Materials:

Useful links:

As an autism professional, working with Buckinghamshire service users, we would like to know your views.  This will help shape future services and facilities. Thames Valley Police and the Department for Work and Pensions, to name but two local organisations, have benefited from dedicated Autism training and are aware that people with autism have their own, individual profiles and needs.

Autism awareness is growing daily, let Autism Bucks grow too!


Skills for Care:

“Skills for Care have produced information on the skills that staff require to work with people with autism for personal assistants and anyone carrying out assessments.”


“Improving access to social care for adults with autism”

Published: January 2017  http://www.scie.org.uk/autism

For more information with regards to professionals, click the following links:

Autism and General Practice

Making the most of a visit to your GP

Top tips for Clinicians

Going to the Doctor


Support for adult social care staff

 In partnership with the British Association of Social Workers, The NAS  have put together a step-by-step guide to help social care staff prepare for and deliver assessments for autistic adults.

 With greater understanding of the way autism affects each person differently, assessors can make sure that support and resources are directed in the most cost-effective and appropriate way. The guide is available in two versions: English and English/Welsh (bilingual)


 Supporting people living with autism spectrum disorder and mental health problems.


For support. People with ASC and their families and carers are a hidden minority, some actually ‘falling through’ local services and failing to receive any service, or getting an inappropriate … 1We include NHS authorities and trusts in the term ‘local authorities’. …. the transition to adulthood will be commissioned each year

[PDF]Supporting adults with autism – The National Autistic Society


Social care Institute for Excellence

 What is autism?  easy read.


 Autism: Improving access to social care for adults. This guide helps people in the health and social care sector who work with adults with autism to increase their knowledge and understanding of autism and improve access to social care services.


 Films on social care issues, from the perspectives of professionals and people using services. Ideal for training


 This guide helps people in the health and social care sector who work with adults with autism to increase their awareness, knowledge and understanding


The Department of Health

The Department of Health commissioned The College of Social Work to produce this learning resource for social workers who work with adults who have autism, their carers and families. It can be used in conjunction with the curriculum guide for social workers who work with adults who have autism.