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Information For Carers & Parents

Carers need to take care of themselves, both physically and psychologically.  Those we care for have individual needs, unique to their autistic profile and all carers have requirements as well.  You may want to exchange information with fellow carers who empathise and understand.

  • Out reach organisations:

The Aylesbury Vale branch of the National Autistic society, NAS South Bucks, GRASPS Bucks, SPACE support Chesham, FACT Bucks and Clearly Speaking, can put you directly in touch with other carers, who understand, empathise and care. For those living close to the Hertfordshire border, contact: the Special Needs Support Group (SNPST), based in Tring, north west Hertfordshire: SNPST

Information for families affected by autism, links to information resource, therapies, education, money and legal matters, research papers and publications: Autism Links

Carers Bucks can direct you to support groups, more often than not, run by volunteers with first hand knowledge of the caring role and with a passion to reach out and help those they understand.

Disability Living Allowance can be applied for in the name of your family member:  Click here to find out how to apply and access more information.

A carers’ assessment can also be formally applied for via Buckinghamshire County Council.  Do ensure that the person you are caring for, is supported by the benefits that are relevant to their autistic condition.


Click here to access the on line Carers’ Rights guide.  Down load information, at the link location for: Benefits, Financial Help, Practical Help, Technology, Your Workplace and other help, nationally and in your area.

Care Advice Buckinghamshire
is a website for adults in need of care and support in Buckinghamshire, their families and carers. You can find information and advice on ways to assess your own and your family’s needs.

Treat your mind to a guided meditation exercise, clickhere for ‘HEADSPACE’, the online resource.


Carers need to take care of themselves: If you are a carer and aged over 18 the NHS offer free flu vaccinations, (funded by NHS England). Ask your GP or pharmacy for further information. You may be asked to provide relevant documentation to confirm your caring role.