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Autism Bucks

Adult Social Group Aylesbury Evening

Adult Social Group Aylesbury Evening Adult Social Group, where you can meet others with autism in a safe environment:- Just sit and listen Make suggestions on what you want from the group. Play board games   Where: Aylesbury Quakers Meeting House 9 Rickfords Hill, Aylesbury, Hp20 2RT   When: Wednesday ...

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Your chance to listen to The Autism Conference 2015, Key Note Speakers.

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Autism Myth Buster

Myth: People with autism don’t want friends. Truth: If someone in your place or work or study has autism, they probably struggle with social skills, which may make it difficult to interact with peers. They might seem shy or unfriendly, but that’s just because he or she is unable communicate ...

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Information For Professionals

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Jargon Buster

Useful Links: Autism Dictionary (neurobiological, genetic, and clinical terms) Glossary of terms related to Autism.

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Employment For Young Adults

Numerous agencies in Buckinghamshire can support and guide you. Whether, researching a career path that matches your skill set and interests. Or, looking to start an apprenticeship and taking advantage of a vocational training opportunity. There are trained advocates and personal assistants who can engage with your prospective employer and make ...

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Education For Young Adults

Buckinghamshire is fortunate in having higher education establishments in High Wycombe and Aylesbury (University Campus Aylesbury Vale).  Click here to access a listing of courses available, at University Campus Aylesbury. If your diploma or degree course choice takes you outside the county, be assured that there are support processes in ...

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Young Adults – Advice

Young Adults - Support Image

Connect and consult with Connexions about housing needs, your legal rights and money matters. The Connexions services are based in Aylesbury and High Wycombe. A specially trained team of personal advisors are aware of the challenges that autism can present and can guide you and advocate for you, and your family. Or, sign post you in the right direction to help you.

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Young Adults – Support

Organisations and services in Buckinghamshire and beyond offer the opportunity for you to meet your needs.   Developing confidence and  perhaps independent living skills, whilst tapping into your talents and interests too. The charity Youth Concern are celebrating and enjoying a milestone year during 2015.  Youth Concern run a drop in centre, ...

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